Case Studies

Our clients love us because the solutions and support we provide are solid, reliable, and enable them to get their work done without worrying about IT.  Here are a few examples of companies we help.

A CRM Software Developer/Service Provider

AppCo developed a groundbreaking industry-specific, web-based Customer Relationship Management system that runs on their own servers.  The problem was as AppCo expanded, their hardware couldn't keep up with demand.  AppCo has incredible software developers, but they don't have time to be system administrators.

Cloud 9 took a page from our own infrastructure playbook, and built AppCo a solution that runs everything faster and more reliably now, can further expand for future growth, and that provides disaster recovery capabilities at a second location.  We helped AppCo migrate onto the new setup, and we now maintain the environment so they can focus on their application development.

A Specialty Foods Company in New Jersey

FoodCo was ready to move their offices, warehouse, and manufacturing plant into a new custom-built building -- and needed a custom-built IT setup to match.

Cloud 9 not only got FoodCo moved with minimal downtime, but reduced their monthly telecom costs by almost 75% with an on-site IP PBX, and faster, redundant Internet access.  Improved remote access lets employees on the road get back into the office from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet to access inventory, ordering, and billing systems.

An Advertising Agency in New York

Forty employee AdCo was ready to expand their Westchester office, replace aging servers and phones, and consolidate their client's web hosting.

Cloud 9 replaced the legacy phone system with an Asterisk-based IP PBX, got the new office up and running on-time (the new furniture was not as prompt, unfortunately),
consolidated several physical servers into a robust virtual environment in their office, and set up a flexible managed virtual server in our data center for client campaign