Business continuity is an organization’s ability to keep its essential functions operating during and after a disaster. It is incredibly important for you to have a business continuity plan if you want your business to thrive no matter what challenges you're presented with.

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What Our Business Continuity Plans Involve

To create a strong business continuity plan, we first need to identify the risks that your organization faces. We then put risk management procedures in place that can minimize the effects of those risks on your business’s most critical processes.

Our business continuity plans take into account not only external threats such as natural disasters and fires, but technological threats and risks as well. Phishing, ransomware, insider threats, and equipment failures are more frequent and potentially damaging than a storm or inferno. We also update your business continuity plan so that your organization is protected against the latest generation of online threats, and to keep your plans current as your business evolves.

Data Backup and Replication

Backing up data regularly is an essential component of your business continuity plan. From hardware failure to malware attacks, many types of disasters can leave you without access to the data you need. Having only one copy of your data isn't enough -- you need multiple copies in different locations, all under lock and key yet quickly accessible and always accounted for.

With a mix of on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud services available, Cloud 9 will seek to eliminate the need for recovery in the first place. It's important to plan for the worst, but a good plan will also help you avoid the worst by identifying and mitigating issues along the way.

Managed IT Services and Business Continuity

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure -- or is actually worth more? By working with an established, reliable, and comprehensive managed IT service provider from the start, you'll ensure that your business is resilient and ready for any challenge. Everything in your IT environment will be built with reliability and durability from the start.

If you are not confident in the ability of your current business continuity plan to protect your organization, or you don't even have a plan, please get in touch so we can get you ready for what may be ahead.

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