With online threats on the rise in today's digital landscape, all businesses must pay attention to network and data security. It is essential to take action now to tackle the vulnerabilities in your company's network and keep your data and busiess safe.

Here's how we protect you...

Next-Generation Firewalls

A firewall is an essential protective barrier between your secure internal network and external networks such as the Internet. Firewalls monitor incoming and outgoing traffic to your network and decide whether to allow or block specific traffic based on predefined security rules. With more data than ever, very fast Internet access, encryption, and threats even coming from trusted sources, simply blocking or allowing traffic by source and destination isn't enough.  Data in transit has to be inspected in real-time without causing delays or difficulties for users.  A properly configured next-generation firewall (NGFW) can accomplish all of this.

Endpoint Protection (Anti-virus, Anti-malware)

Traditional anti-virus software scans files and memory looking for a match against a known database of malicious software.  Ransomware, keyloggers, coin mining, and data theft software have evolved to the point where they can often slip past last generation's anti-virus software, and begin to do damage to your data and network.  Protecting an endpoint (desktop, laptop, or server) is best achieved by watching for the signs of an application that is trying the locks on your network, phoning home to bring more villainous friends and tools, or looking for data that a legitimate application wouldn't search for.  A modern endpoint protection product will detect this kind of awkward to outrageous behavior, isolate the software responsible, and get it shut down.  Even when the attack is coming from never-seen-before code.

Routine Patching

Software updates are not just about bug fixes and new features. More often than not, updates are to fix security vulnerabilities that could be exploited with as little effort as opening an attachment in an out-of-date but trusted application.  Many companies who fall victim to a data breach have out-of-date software that makes their computers and network vulnerable to attack. Patching applications, desktops, laptops, servers, and network devices, in a reliable and timely way is challenging.  Cloud 9's automated management and reporting tools help to identify what needs to get patched, when those patches should be applied, and where patching may not be working.

Secure Remote Access

Working from home, a customer's office, or on the road is easier and more popular than ever.  Ensuring that only your employees can get back into your office over the Internet is a bit more difficult.  Shoulder surfing by strangers on a plane, employees using non-company devices even "just once in a while" to get online, and questionable network security on public wireless networks are just a few examples of how someone unwanted could find their way into your company's network.  Secure Remote Access allows a mix of encryption, multi-factor authentication, endpoint control, source IP reputation, and applications-on-demand to minimize the chances of unauthorized access and data loss.

Cloud App Security

Cloud-based email (Office 365 and G Suite), document storage (Box and Dropbox), customer relationship management (Salesforce), and employee communication software (Slack, Teams, Zoom) is more popular than ever.  Each service has its own strengths and weaknesses with password security, account lockout policies, logging, and usage reporting.  This can make it difficult to apply company security standards across cloud apps, and almost impossible to get useful information about account activity and data movement.  Cloud App Security can provide insight, control, and real-time protection of your accounts and data stored in cloud services.

Mobile Device Management

With the employees increasingly using their own mobile phones and tablets for business, it is necessary to secure these devices that have access to your network. Our mobile device management allows us to secure your team's mobile devices and prevent unauthorized access if the device is lost or stolen, or the employee and the company have to part ways.

Security Awareness Training

While technology can help to reduce the risk of a cyber attack, it is not enough. People can be effective in both keeping the castle safe, and unintentionally welcoming in the marauders. Cyber criminals today have developed sophisticated techniques to trick people into handing over valuable information or sending payments to a scammer's  account. Our cybersecurity training teaches employees to recognize these methods and respond correctly to them.
If you need help with network security for your business, get in touch with us today. As a Managed Service Provider with years of experience across many different industries, we can help your business to stay safe online.
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