About our Managed IT Services

Cloud 9, a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP), is the perfect partner for companies who do not have an internal IT department and are struggling to maintain their business technology themselves. An MSP is also a supportive partner for companies who have an IT department that is being stretched thin, or faced with needed but unfamiliar technology. When you partner with Cloud 9, you greatly expand the capabilities of your business, and your team will no longer be burdened with the bottlenecks that prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

Cloud 9 Managed IT accomplishes all of this for less than the cost of one salaried employee.

Equip Your Company with Solutions

Organizations that utilize our Managed IT Services immediately acquire a team of IT professionals who are equipped with the tools and expertise to effectively administer the following solutions:
  • Business Continuity - Minimizing Downtime
    With a Business Continuity strategy, you’ll be getting to the root cause of network disruptions because your IT team will be implementing methodology that proactively mitigate issues before they have a chance to manifest into downtime. From hardware failure to cyber threats, your organization will be armed with the plans and procedures when disaster strikes.
  • Cloud Hosted Solutions - Increase Productivity & Collaboration
    Cloud Hosted Solutions enable you and your team to securely run your business from anywhere in the world. You’ll experience an increase in productivity and team collaboration, with the power of cutting-edge cloud technologies and solutions.
  • Help Desk Support - Immediate Support for Your Team
    Our help desk team ensures you get immediate assistance when you need it. You won’t be waiting hours for acknowledgement of your problem. Our help desk will be available immediately, and they’ll work to resolve your problem immediately so you team can get back to being productive.
  • Data Security - Protecting Your Data from Criminals
    With the rise in cyber crime aimed at businesses of all sizes, having a robust data security strategy is more important than ever. Our team of experts are equipped with the tools to mitigate, monitor, and respond to cyber threats and other IT risks that can sideline or even destroy your business
  • IT Strategy - Aligning Solutions with Business Goals
    While implementing any one of the above solutions is a step in the right direction, if they are not implemented with respect to a comprehensive IT Strategy by an experienced team, the result may be chaotic. An IT Strategy prepared by Cloud 9 will bring all these solutions together and will align them with your organization’s goals so you can overcome your challenges and focus on running and growing your business.

Discover What Managed IT Can do for You

Of course, there is no one size fits all approach to any great implementation of business technology. Every company has unique challenges and goals. That’s why we would be thrilled to have you schedule a meeting with our team so together we can discover how IT can help your business thrive. Our plan during this meeting is to have you walk away with a complete understanding of your IT maturity, and how your technology processes and infrastructure affect your efficiency and bottom line.
Managed IT Services

Reduce unnecessary bottlenecks that prevent your progress – all for one low monthly rate.

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Business Continuity

We'll get to the root causes of network disruptions so your business runs smoothly.

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Cloud Hosted Solutions

Increase productivity and team collaboration with the power of cloud technologies and solutions.

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Help Desk Support

Your team will be freed up to handle important tasks while we take care of support requests.

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Network Security

Get a team of experts equipped with the tools to secure, monitor, and respond to the cyber threats to your organization.

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