Traditional IT infrastructure uses on-site servers and software installed on your own equipment. Cloud computing moves these resources to a remote service provider. The cloud computing company handles all of the equipment and software themselves. This shift reduces the upfront expenses associated with the IT infrastructure and we handle ongoing maintenance and support. A cloud-based infrastructure also has significant impacts on productivity, collaboration and flexibility.

Cloud Computing Improves Productivity

Employees can easily access the cloud-based solutions from the workstation that is most comfortable and convenient to them. If their computer has a hardware failure, they can easily switch to another machine to continue working. The mobility improvements offered by the cloud also helps connect remote workers and offices to the solutions they need to do their jobs efficiently.

Since everyone connects to the same cloud-based solution, databases also become centralized. Critical information ends up in a location that everyone can access, rather than stored on a particular workstation or email inbox. This configuration reduces the time spent looking for files.

Cloud Computing Boosts Collaboration

Collaboration between teams is much easier when everyone is using the same systems. This standardized environment streamlines the process for sharing documents, digital assets and other functionality. Many cloud-based solutions are designed to integrate with industry-leading software, so companies can also leverage the platforms they currently have in place.

Cloud Computing Offers Flexibility & Scalability

Startups can appear virtually overnight and change everything about a particular market. Companies without business agility will not be able to respond to these movements in time. They could lose out on revenue-increasing opportunities or even end up failing entirely.

Cloud computing makes it possibly to quickly react to sudden changes by scaling the IT infrastructure up and down as needed, and bringing in new technology without going through a lengthy and disruptive deployment process. Since they don't need to purchase and set up equipment to meet these new demands, the time to market is greatly reduced.

Cloud computing solutions are a must in today's modern business environment. Our cloud hosted solutions offering provides companies with the expert resources they need to implement the cloud in their operations. Contact us today to learn more about outsourcing all or part of your information technology needs.

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